Advanced Dental Technology for Children

Pediatric Dentist Marlton

Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure accuracy, efficiency, and comfort. Our dental equipment is safe, effective, and well-maintained. Some of our dental technologies include those listed below:

Digital X-Rays

Our advanced digital x-rays magnify and enhance your child’s teeth for better diagnosis and treatment. This technology allows us to take images of your child’s teeth and display them on a computer screen quickly and easily.

With digital x-rays, we can view your child’s teeth and surrounding structures with remarkable accuracy. These images provide the information we need to plan your child’s dental treatment.

Digital x-rays require much less radiation than traditional film x-rays. Digital x-rays are a safe and effective dental technology.

Intra-oral Camera

The intra-oral camera is about the size and shape of a pen. It is used to record images of your child’s teeth, gums, mouth, and tongue from inside their mouth. Due to its small size and sleek design, it is comfortable, easy to use, and able to view a wide range of angles. The intra-oral camera is a safe and effective tool that can be used with patients of every age.

The intra-oral camera is a highly valuable resource for both diagnosis and treatment planning. Each time we use the intra-oral camera, a new disposable cover is employed. This ensures your child’s health and safety at all times. After your child’s exam, images captured by the intra-oral camera may be digitally stored, printed out, or deleted.

Intra-oral Scanner

At Gleam Pediatric Dentistry, we understand the importance of making dental visits comfortable and stress-free for children. That’s why we utilize our state-of-the-art intraoral digital scanner for pediatric dental care.

Our handheld intra-oral scanner allows us to capture precise 3-dimensional digital impressions with exceptional accuracy. Even challenging cases can be scanned effortlessly, ensuring accurate treatment planning and fabrication of dental restorations.

With our intra-oral scanner, your child will experience reduced chair time. By sending precise digital scans to our lab, the preparation work for your restorations is minimized, resulting in faster fabrication and delivery. This means your child can enjoy the results of their restoration sooner compared to traditional impression methods.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable dental trays and gag reflex triggers. Our small hand- held wand allows us to take quick and accurate digital impressions without any discomfort, making the process much more pleasant for your child.

What’s even better is that you can see the digital impression alongside us on the monitor. This interactive experience allows you to understand and visualize the recommended restoration for your child’s specific oral health needs.

We are excited to welcome you to your next appointment at Gleam Pediatric Dentistry, where we are committed to providing exceptional care and creating a positive dental experience for your child. Let us make a great impression on their oral health journey.

Nomad™ X-Ray Gun

The Nomad™ handheld x-ray system is battery-powered for completely cordless portability. With the Nomad™ gun, we can take accurate, efficient scans with less radiation exposure than most conventional systems. The Nomad™ is comfortable, convenient, and can be used in any treatment room.

Panoramic X-Ray

A Panoramic x-ray machine rotates around your child’s entire head to take a 360- degree view of their teeth, sinuses, and the bone structure of their head and jaws. This provides a more complete image than standard x-rays. Panoramic x-ray imagery is a valuable resource for Dr. Patel to use in diagnosis and treatment planning.