Braces for Kids

Pediatric Dentist Marlton

Traditional metal braces use small brackets that are affixed to your child’s teeth to hold thin wires in place. These wires are minutely adjusted over time to gently guide teeth into the proper placement and alignment within your child’s mouth. Although braces don’t hurt, in the first couple days after getting braces your child may feel a slight discomfort as their teeth and mouth begin adjusting to their new braces.


When your child has braces, it is important that they brush their teeth around four to five times a day. This means brushing after every meal if possible, to prevent food from getting stuck.

What your child eats and does not eat will directly affect the condition of their teeth during orthodontic treatment. Here are some tips on what kinds of foods your child should avoid and how to carefully enjoy some of their favorites.

Hard Foods

At times, it is difficult to break and chew certain foods. Eating hard foods can be harmful during orthodontic treatment because they can bend or break wires and even displace brackets. Avoid them entirely after your child has had their wires changed since teeth are the most tender at this stage.

Tips for eating hard foods:

  • Fruits are an essential part of a balanced diet. If your child wants to eat apples, pears, and peaches, they should not bite directly into them. Instead, cut them into small pieces before consuming.
  • If your child enjoys eating almonds, cashews, or peanuts, consider grinding them and adding them to cereals and yogurt.
  • While eating chicken wings or ribs, remove the bones before consuming. This prevents your child from accidentally chewing on a bone and dislocating a bracket.
  • While eating corn, remove the kernels from the cob to help prevent damage to your child’s braces.
  • Avoid chewing on ice. Your child can suck on ice cubes but never bite them.

Sticky and Sweet Foods

Sticky foods can get stuck to your child’s teeth and braces, and can even result in the braces getting pulled off. Sweet, sugary foods are high in sugar and their consumption can lead to tooth decay.

Tips for eating sticky and sweet foods:

  • If your child enjoys eating candy, encourage sucking on them instead of chewing them. Be sure that they rinse their mouth with water to avoid sugar buildup on their teeth.
  • Avoid chewing on gum. Gum can stick to braces and may be difficult to clean. It can also loosen the wires and brackets.